Utilities and Forms


The Stratford Electric Utility brings electrical power to the citizens of Stratford. Staff is responsible for city owned poles; electrical lines and metering.  Our electricity is obtained from CIPCO via Midland Power Cooperative.  Electric meters are read on the 21st of each month.

Energy Efficiency

City of Stratford offers energy efficiency incentives, programs, and services through the city’s power provider: Midland Power Cooperative. Go online to  Midland Power Cooperative and look under the Energy Efficiency tab to locate the information and rebates you are interested in.  Or contact the City of Stratford and we’ll help you!


The Water Treatment Plant was built in 2010 and provides safe, clear, high quality water for all of Stratford. Raw water is pumped from the Mississippian aquifer by two wells each about 600 deep each. The water is then softened before being pumped into the distribution system. On the average approximately 40,000 gallons are treated each day. The City maintains the plant and the 200,000 gallon water tower and water infrastructure.  Maintenance of this system includes repairing water main leaks, fire hydrants, valves, leak detection and making locations on the main water lines and curb boxes.  Water meters are read on the 21st of each month.  The 2018 Water Quality Report for the City of Stratford is now available.


The Stratford Municipal Wastewater Treatment Lagoon and Lift Station was built in 1992.  The second Lift Station in the southeast part of Stratford was renovated in 2011.    Maintenance includes sanitary sewer infrastructure, manholes and storm water intakes.  Sewer reads are based on the monthly water meter readings.


The City is responsible for maintenance of the streets. Maintenance of the streets includes: patching potholes, utility patches, asphalt overlays, snow removal, gravel road and alley maintenance.  A 10-year maintenance plan is followed for upkeep on city streets.  Other street duties include painting school crossings, parking lanes and sign maintenance.  Streets includes the responsibility for mosquito control, which occurs once every week from Memorial weekend through the end of September; weather pending.

Garbage, Recycling, and Landfill

City of Stratford contracts for garbage pickup.  Current contract is with Waste Management.  Stratford belongs to the North Central Iowa Regional Solid Waste Agency (Fort Dodge Landfill).  A strong emphasis is placed on recycling in the community; encouraging all to recycle more.

Utility Billing Read Cycle is from the 21st of a month to the 20th of the next month with bills being sent out on the first of each month.